Liar Season 1

Liar Season 1

Liar is a spectacular British thriller. Henry and Jack Williams have created it jointly. The series is ITV and Sundance TV. “Liar,” tells the story of two people whose mutual attraction leads to a lot of unforeseen consequences. The show was initially released on ITV on 11th September, back in 2017.

The first season was finished by 16th October of the same year. The release of “Liar” led to a lot of positive reviews from the critics, who especially praised the performances of Froggatt and Gruffudd. The show unfortunately has only two seasons and the second season was released on 2nd March of this year. The very last episode of the second season was aired on 6th April of 2020.

What is the story about?

The story of “Liar” focuses on Laura and Andrew. Laura happens to be a smart and efficient teacher but she is going through a breakup. She is set up for a date with a recent widower called Andrew Earlham, but things don’t turn out so well. The series has two seasons with 12 episodes in total. Each episode is about 45 minutes long.

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The most recent news about this show is that it will be available on Amazon Prime from 1st October 2020. From the next month, the fans will be able to stream the first season of “Liars” on Amazon Prime!

For people who have already seen it, the first season happens to deal with the topic of a rape accusation, and the critics reacted warmly to the first part of the series. The second season was not similarly praised as the ending was not agreeable for many.

The cast

The cast of the “Liars” is pretty long, but some of the important names are-

  • Joanne Froggatt as Laura Nielson
  • Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew Earlham
  • Zoe Tapper as Katy Sutcliffe
  • Warren Brown as PC Tom Bailey, who only appears in season1 as Laura’s ex-partner
  • Richie Campbell as Liam Sutcliffe
  • Jamie Flatters as Luke Earlham
  • Danny Webb as DS Rory Maxwell