License to Kill Season 2

License to Kill Season 2

The license to kill series perhaps portrays our deepest nightmare. What happens when doctors, on whom we put our trust regarding our health, turns into evil? It is truly horrifying when hands that are meant to heal turn to criminal activities.
This “License to Kill” show premieres on the platform Oxygen. The true-crime investigative series portrays real cases where medical professionals, nurses, and doctors, had an intent to kill. The series is produced by Shed Media. The first season aired back in 2019.

What is the plot?

The medical community asks for the patient’s absolute trust. The license to kill tells the stories of patients who were under extreme risk because of this trust itself. The series progresses through the experiences of the victims and their families, friends, etc. The story explores the minds of these killers who are experts at premeditated crimes. The criminals include doctors performing procedures in unhealthy conditions, overprescribing of drugs, aiding addiction of a whole town.
The motives for these murderous doctors can be various things. Money, power of simply jealousy can act as a trigger. Sometimes having a God-like complex can also lead to crime. Each episode shows the authorities tracking down these medical professionals to bring them to justice.
Season 2 is expected to be filled up with more stories of this nature. Next season will also be based on doctors violating their Hippocratic Oath and putting patient’s lives in danger.

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When is the release date?

The first season was aired on 23rd June 2019. Oxygen is a platform for some other shows with unscripted episodes. Shows like “Cold Justice”, “Criminal Confessions” are of similar styles. Unfortunately, the officials have not announced a particular release date for Season 2 yet. But the show is so real and thought-provoking, it is not irrational to hope for a renewal. The ratings for this show are also good and there is immense scope to expose many incidents.

Where is the trailer?

There is no release of an official trailer yet.