Life After Lockup Season 4

In this post, we’ll cover the release date, Casts, and plot for Season 4 of “Life After Lockup”. It is an American reality TV series that is usually broadcast WE-TV. The series was first released in January last year. The main goal of this show is to find true love while your partner is behind the counter.

The show ran very well and received positive reviews from viewers around the world. This series is my favorite series on WE TV because the main theme of the series is very realistic.

Release Date

Season 4 of Life After Lockup will release in January 2021. The third season of Love After Lockup was released on January 20, 2020. Having successfully completed both seasons, the team found another season that met the expectations of the audience. This series was produced by Sharp Entertainment. A Well-known production company which produces popular programs such as Man Vs. Wild.

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This production was successful, thanks to experiments in different genres. The show was popular among adults. Seeing the widespread acclaim of the series’ enthusiastic viewers, WE TV went on a new season.

Cast And Characters

At the moment, we do not have a cast update on Life After Lockup Season 4. There are seven couples in “Life After Lockup” Season 3.

  • Marcelino& Brittany
  • Michael & Sarah
  • Andrea & Lamar
  • Clint & Tracie
  • Cheryl & Josh
  • Lacey &John
  • Shane, Angela & Tony

The story explains the controversy they are facing in public life along with the misunderstanding between the couples due to various reasons. Season 3 is a joint packet of love and drama behind and after the bars.


The story will be similar to Season 3 and we will have new actors and their stories. Last season’s story was about Brittany pregnancy and her mom left for Las Vegas. Her Mom knows nothing of Brittany’s past. In the close environment, her mother learns about her past and is faced with contradictions. Sarah found it difficult to forgive Michael. She also has confusion as to whether to forgive Michael’s ex or forget him. A lot of complications between Megan and Sarah are caused because of Michael and Sarah’s hidden secrets. Andrea’s relationship with Lamar was called into question shortly after Andrea revealed a big secret from the past.

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The married couple Clint & Tracie are in a confused state after seeing Tracie has been put on the bars. Cheryl and Josh decide to move to Colorado to start a new life.