Life Below Zero

‘Life below zero’ is a documented television series. Barbara Doran and Josh Freed are the producers of the show. The show follows a multi-camera setup. ‘Life Below Zero’ released on May 19, 2013. The show gained popularity with time. Since 2013, the producers committed to releasing the seasons back to back. The creators have released 14 seasons of the show as of now. The fans are already waiting for yet another season of the show to come out. The show is the winner of many prestigious awards such as the 68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards and 69th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards. BBC worldwide is the producer of the show for National Geographic.

Life Below Zero, Plot:

The show, Life Below Zero, features, seven people. These seven people live in the least populated part of the United States of America, known as Alaska. Alaska is one of the coldest habitable places in the World. The place is so scarce with the population, that people go on days, without seeing anyone on the roads. In the show, these seven people have to survive the harsh conditions of Alaska. Since there are very few people living in Alaska, they have to cope up with the situation. The show features their struggles as they cope up with a violent snowstorm. Their challenge is not only the climate but also human-eating animals too. 

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They have to survive Alaska and its long and bitter winter. Some of the featured people prefer to live alone, while others have their families with them. Only the fittest of mind and body will survive the brutal Alaskan conditions.

Life Below Zero Season 15 Updates:

The show acclaimed its place in the top tier shows. Life below zero has a huge viewership and an impressive fanbase. The show recently released the 14th season of the show. The fans are already anticipating the next season of the show to come out soon. The producers have confirmed about the season 15 of the show. But, the dates of the release are not clear as of now. The show can release its 15th season in 2021.

Life Below Zero Cast:

  • Sue Aikens 
  • Chip and Agnes Hailstone
  • Glenn Villeneuve 
  • Jessie Holmes 
  • Andy Bassich
  • Erik Salitan
  • Ricko DeWilde