Lil Dicky Comedy ‘Dave

Are you looking for binging on some goofy comedy series? Then, you should consider watching Dave. Dave is an Americal Comedy TV series. The series premiered on FXX on March 4, 2020. Lil Dicky, a renowned rapper, is the co-producer of the show. Dave is a hit show. The show received 8.4/10 on IMDb. The show is also the ‘most viewed’ show on FXX. It has an average viewership of over 5.3 million.

The show features many notable guests such as YG, Macklemore, Justin Beiber, Marshmello, and Young Thug. Dave’s success in the first season, made the viewers anticipate for the second season. Here we have every detail you need about the show.

Dave plot:

The story revolves around Dave. Dave is a young man in his twenties. He is a neurotic man who lives in the suburbs. The show is the fictional adaptation of the real-life struggles of the rapper Lil Dicky. The rapper himself is playing the role of Dave. Dave inspires to become a successful rapper. He convinces himself that he will become the greatest rapper of all time.

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Along with this, he has to convince his friends that he can become the best rapper. He struggles between convincing his friends and trying to score a place in an underground gig. In the show, we can see through the gigs that Dave tries to make subliminal raps about racial discrimination. The season ends with Lil Dicky becoming quite famous and crashing all the expectations.

Dave Season 2:

Although, the producers were skeptical about the success of the show. Dave turned out to be a complete hit. It has an enormous viewership and fan base. After the finale of the season, where Dave manages to score a big hit, the fans are waiting for more. The producers confirmed that season 2 of Dave will come out in 2021. However, there is no announcement on the exact date.

The show is available on various streaming platforms like HULU and Amazon Prime Videos.

Dave Cast:

  • Lil Dicky as Dave Burd/Himself
  • Taylor Misiak as Ally
  • GaTa as himself
  • Andrew Santino as Mike
  • Travis “Taco” Bennett as Elliot “Elz”
  • Christine Ko as Emma