Little Big Women

Netflix announces exclusive worldwide broadcast of “Little Big Women” on Netflix starting February 5, 2021. “Little Big Women” is the highest grossing film in Taiwan for 2020, with the “Golden Horse” award as best. Prominent actress Chen Shu-fang and Hsie Ying-xuan (ex-lover), Vivian Hsu and Sun Ke-caught.

About The Film

Based on director Joan Chen-Chie Hsu’s personal experience, Little Big Women tells how a family struggles and finally accepts the fact that their recently deceased grandfather is in a relationship and researches how grandmother copes with this crime and learns to accept other women. Rooted in liberating a generation of women from the boundaries of traditional family values, this film highlights how people experience betrayal and suffering and ultimately find reconciliation. “”

Director Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu stated, “The main theme of Little Big Women is” a gradual calming process; “I am sure that people from all over the world can empathize with life and death issues and hatred. And the discontent we feel.”

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Chen Shu-fang, who was named Best Actress at the 57th Golden Horse Awards, an achievement that is also noteworthy as she is the greatest actress to win the award in Taiwanese film history, said: “A Taiwanese woman is best described as a person who persistent and responsible. I love the world to see this small woman and I will show everyone how Taiwanese women put the family together. “”

Vivian Hsu the executive producer had added, “A minor, huge woman recollects spectators of the little aspects that transpire in ordinary life through a distinct personality, sentence or two, or spectacle. It touches people with relativity and evokes a real warm feeling deep inside heart. “