The Hundred Finale

The hundred. What a spectacle. What a ride. What a ride. From the moment that Imagine Dragons launched “The 100” as a baby show on CW, I was in love. “Radioactive” And as many of you have found their way through the next few episodes. Saison 2 was perfect — literally one of my favorite television show seasons ever. As the show grew, his enthusiastic fans did.

A quick look at the season finale!

Now in season 7, we’re here. Something else we all hate is there. If Jason Rothenberg and the room of his writers thought their sins to kill Lexa could be acquitted by killing the other shippers’ boy no. 1 they were not true. Most fans, including me, didn’t sit well with Bellamy’s death. But there was still hope with some episodes left to settle the show and finish it in a more positive note. And I believe the show … mostly did that.

This episode takes a little time to evaluate the actions of Clarke as a proxy for humanity. Although this has always been the territory of the Show, it feels a very reductionist way to see seven seasons with a strong ensemble cast and a much more robust history. Clarke was right on one thing: it should have been plan A, not cleanup, to get Raven back on the mix.

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More to know!

It is far too easy, if you like the main character, even more so if it is a woman or a girl, to evaluate a whole show. It is strange for The 100, the same show that so many well-realized women and girls like leaders silently gave us, to spend so many of their last minutes. Even with the course-based correction of Raven and Octavia, the series’ final results are still a matter of Clarke’s choice. The 100 might have aimed higher than that after this whole time?

Until Clarke’s friends are revealed to return for her to Earth, there is hardly anything emotional outside the fate of Emori. Sheidheda was nice to see Indra vanquish for her mother, but we have watched her fail to trigger it many times previously, and we are overdue. The plea for mankind Raven had more stubbornness because it had been with Abby, but the episode came so late and so briefly.

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Clarke’s conversation with her judge was one of the most promising opportunities. Although it is not actually an awaited meeting with Lexa, Lexa has been the greatest love of Clarke and perhaps her greatest teacher. I appreciate the higher Clarke is being pushed to justify certain choices, but Clarke has largely allowed her intention to kill a child of her own.