Love After Lockup Season 4

Love After Lockup is a reality show. The show features a unique format. It released on January 12, 2018, on We TV. Sharp Entertainment is the producer of the show. The company has produced many famous TV shows such as ‘Man Vs. Wild’.  The show received mixed reviews. It managed to score 6.3/10 on IMDb. The producers released 3 seasons of the show. Fans are waiting for the fourth installment of the show to come out. 

But, has Pandemic affected the production of the show? Will there be a fourth season of the show? We have answered all your questions in this article. 

Love After Lockup Synopsis: 

Love After Lockup is a sharp entertainment entity. The show follows up the generally unusual couple, who meet through prison online dating sites. The story starts soon before the convict is about to get out of prison. The show generally features seven of these odd couples. The story follows the life of the convicts as they try to fit in the social norms of the outer world. Love After Lockup is a hybrid reality show. It shows the prison life on one hand and the other hand, it shows the dating life of the convicts. 

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 The couples meet each after for the first time after the bar goes away. The relationship between them is generally short-lived. The convicts have a lot in their heads. They have to cope with society, their family, and finally their lover. The things do mess up because the felons get a taste of freedom after a long time. So, there are fair chances of them messing things up.  All the ups and downs, the emotional approach makes the show very addictive for the viewers. 

Love After Lockup Season 4: 

Love After Lockup came up with the latest season 3 in 2020. The third season commenced on January 20, 2020. It is for sure that the show will come back with the fourth season. According to some experts, the fourth installment will release in January 2021. The show will feature new couples along with some older couples.  


  • Marcelino & Brittany 
  •  Michael & Sarah 
  •  Andrea & Lamar 
  •  Clint & Tracie 
  •  Cheryl & Josh 
  • Lacey & John & Shane 
  •  Angela & Tony