Love it or list it Season 16

The show “Love it or List It” is a reality tv show based on home design. This American -Canadian TV show is produced by Big Coat Productions. It premiered on W Network on 8th September 2008. Since then it has been a hit. It was primarily based on Toronto and other surrounding areas in Ontario. Now the show premieres on HGTV as well as OWN Canada. The series has expanded filming locations, and in 2014 they also filmed in North Carolina (United States). Each episode runs for about 40-45 minutes and there are 15 seasons till now.

What happens in the show?

There are only two hosts in the long-running series. Hilary Farr is an interior designer and David Visentin is a real estate agent. They both take on opposing views when they meet several homeowners throughout the show. When the show hosts and the homeowners (a couple, as seen in most episodes) meet, they all try to figure out whether to keep the home or to move to another new one. Hilary’s job is to persuade the couple to stay in their current house as she presents her ideas of renovation. While David tries to convince them to move by looking for a house meeting the needs as well as staying within the budget. The episodes end with the owners deciding whether to “Love it”, that is, keep the house or to “List it”.
The critics say that the episodes are too scripted and seem unrealistic. But it seems that the viewers are not bothered by it at all. The audience is still eager for more even after 200 episodes.

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When will it be released?

Nobody knows the exact date of release but experts speculate that the 16th season will be here by 2021. When we consider the popularity of the show, it’s obvious that the series should be returning with another season. Viewers will just have to wait until Hilary and David return to bicker on their screens.