Love Life Season 2

Love Life: Season 2 Confirmed! Anna Kendrick Will Return

Love Life is an American romantic comedy anthology web television series that is created by Sam Boyd and is premiered on the HBO Max streaming service on May 27, 2020.

Love Life Season 2
Source: Variety

The first season of the series is decently rated with 7.4/10 IMDb and 59/100 Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Now, after the first season, the second season of the series is ready to be renewed with the reprising of Anna Kendrick as Darby Carter.

The Return of Anna Kendrick.

Although the return of Anna Kendrick is confirmed for the second season, still her role isn’t going to be the center of attraction in the second season.

The first season of the series was based on the life of a 20-year-old young lady from New York City. The season illustrated her life and the men she met in the past eight years before attending the actual man that was meant for her. The series demonstrates the hurdles of real life and how to tackle these situations.

The first season gained enough appreciation for the second season to be renewed. Hence it is confirmed that the second season will be aired pretty soon with the return of Anna Kendrick in the story.

For the second season, the storyline is yet to be released. The first season showed Darby’s life with lots of ups and downs. She switched her relationship with Augie, after breaking up with Magnus. With Augie, our relationship worked for a while but later ended on a bitter note. However, they ended with both agreeing to co-parent their kid. The second season will be followed by Darby’s search for love with new mates.

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Release date of the second season.

Although the renewal of the second season was unexpectedly quite quick, its release date is not yet announced. There is no official update regarding the release from HBO Max. Also, due to the current pandemic situation, we are not expecting the release to be soon this year. So keeping this in mind, we are expecting the second season to be released later in the fall of 2021.