Love on the Spectrum Season 2

Love on the Spectrum Season 2

Northern Pictures have produced a reality series called “Love on the Spectrum”, and it premiered on ABC network. Viewers can also access it on Netflix. Clan O’Clery has written and directed the show. And, it has released only one season till now. Season 1 has 4 episodes, with each episode stretching for about 38 to 46 minutes. The first season came out in 2019, and fans are hopeful for the next one.

The show has had a positive reaction from the critics. The Guardian had given “Love on the Spectrum” 4 stars out of five, saying that above all this show celebrates human compassion and love of difference. Love on the Spectrum is a refreshing change from the other types of dating shows available on Netflix. This is a series that has succeeded in giving reality dating a human feel, showing the human connection in such a beautiful way. This is probably the right way to depict reality dating on television. Moreover, it plays a positive role in getting rid of the stigma towards autistic people. If you want empathy and kindness in your dating shows, go for “Love on the Spectrum”. It will surely be heartwarming.

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What is the story about?

The show had aired first in Australia. It features nine people experimenting with the process of dating or continuing their existing relationships. All of the people are on the autism spectrum and the show wanted to portray that these people also want and need love. At the beginning of the series,  a man named Micheal (25 years old) declares that being a husband was the most important thing he wanted to accomplish. The aim is to make the general audience understand these people and bust the prevalent myths in society. Many people didn’t even go on a date at the starting of the show but aided by two relationship experts, they got support in the world of dating. This is all about removing the fear and taking the very first step.

What about season 2?

The last episode of season one was watched by 461,000 people, and this show is most likely the best dating show Australia has ever gotten. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the show will have a second season. The production of the next season has already begun, and applications for the participants were also issued in late June.

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When will we see it?

As the production has already started, maybe the show might stick to the usual schedule. The new season will premiere in 2021 and will be centered around a new bunch of people.