Lunatics Season 2

Lunatics is an Australian comedy mockumentary television series. Chris Lilley is the creator of the show. It released on Netflix on 19 April 2019. The show did average on the screen. Lunatics scored 6.6/10 on IMDb. Netflix aids in providing the shows with huge viewership. Lunatics too has a pretty good viewership. 

Lunatics managed to create its place amongst the viewers. Netflix released all the ten parts of the episode in the single go. It has been more than a year since the show released. Since then, there have been no updates regarding the release of the second season. Here, we bring to you, all the recent updates regarding the release of the second season of Lunatics. 

Lunatics Premises:

The writer and creator of the show, Chris Lilley, stars in the show. The USP of the show is Chris Lilley playing the role of all the six different lead characters of the show, by himself. Chris Liley is an Australian actor, comedian, writer, producer, director, and musician. Each of the characters played by Chris has its distinct character traits. It is quite a creative approach to develop a show of this stature.

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The characters played by Chris include, Keith Dick. Keith is a fashion retailer who is in love with his cash registrar, Karen. Another character is Becky Douglas. Becky is an unnaturally tall girl. She moves to California to attend college. Gavin McGregor is another unique character played by Chris. Gavin is a 12-years old who wants to become the Earl of an English country. There are other three unique characters, portrayed by Chris,

Lunatic Season 2:

Lunatics came on Netflix with its ten episodes. The viewers loved the humor and satire of the show. The show released on 19 April 2019.19 April 2019. The creators have not yet announced the renewal of the show. But, the show had an impressive viewership, so Netflix can decide to renew the show anytime soon.

We are expecting the show to release sometime by the end of 2020.

Lunatic Cast:

  • Leena Arora as Patika Dick
  • Anne McCaffery-French as Helen
  • Philip Keogan as Ken
  • Joe Murray as Dylan
  • Harry Radbone as Oscar
  • Millie Morice as Clementine
  • Emma Wilson as Colleen
  • Ariana Doolan as Rashish
  • Chloe Stout as Lucy
  • Dylan Gavasse as Jack
  • Alyssa Macintosh as Sharnay
  • Cameron Leonard as Aaron
  • Tracey McGown as Becky’s Mum
  • Darren McGown as Becky’s Dad
  • Jessica Rockliff as Ingrid
  • Bianca Daniels as Kylie
  • Michelle Smit as Client
  • Brock Thornburgh as Ethan
  • Jett Thornburgh as Dustin
  • Steve Minton as Brian
  • Kim Kemp as Lyn
  • Judi Young as Rhonda
  • Antony Turrisi as Con