Lupin The Third Part 1


Lupin the Third Part I is a Japanese animated series from TMS Entertainment. This is the first Lupine III animated series produced by Monkey Punch. The series originally aired only as Lupine III.
Arsene Lupin III, a grandson of the thief Arsenic Lupin, is on the international wanted list. The right hand is Daisuke Jigen, an experienced sniper who can hit a target in 0.3 seconds. They often join Lupin’s main love, Fujiko Mine, who manipulates situations to her advantage.
After several meetings with the samurai and swordsman Geomon Ishikawa, 13-year-old became part of the group. They were constantly monitored by Captain Heiji Zenigata VII, an MPD expert on Lupin in Tokyo, who made the arrest and arrest of Lupine and his staff a goal of his life.


Lupin the Third Part I is the first animated series produced in Japan for adults, with an emphasis on mature and complex characters and storylines. It also often represents realism, as interest in the details of vehicles, weapons, and consumer goods (as suggested from the manga) forms the basis of Otsuki’s anime style.
So far, all Japanese manga is family-friendly. The first episode of the series also known as the first animated work of “The Lupine Cannon” called “Lupine’s Formula”, a series of storylines described by Reed Nelson. This clause will be revised frequently by future franchise contributions. These factors are:
• Lupin and/or his gang excites or rob the organization/criminal worse than them.
• Fujiko is captured by a criminal and later rescued by Lupin.
• Fujiko walks through Lupin to take advantage of the capers.
• Zenigata tries to catch Lupin in order to escape from Lupin (success over time).

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Release Date

Many domestic publications have been published in Japan. Emotion and VAP have released a VHS edition of this series. By the 25th anniversary of the original, in March 1993, the UPA published 6 volumes. Four issues were published on 23 July 1999. The series was released in Japan on July 4, 2001, as a VAP DVD box.
The set is limited to 30,000 pieces. The Blu-ray Box Set of four CDs was released on December 21, 2008, and January 21, 2009, on four discs. On January 27, 2015, Kodansha published the biweekly Lupine III DVD Collection magazine, which contains DVD episodes of the first two Lupine III series.