Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is a series of Japanese horror/thriller action manga by Akihito Tsukushi. The series was adapted by Kinema Citrus and was aired for 3 months, starting from July 7, 2017, to September 27, 2017.
The series was a serious hit amongst “anime lovers”. The second season is set to release soon according to some sources.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Plot

The story revolves around a town around a very deep hole. This hole is known as “Abyss”. An orphan girl “Riko” wants to explore the possibilities of the Abyss. Since Abyss is rich in many resources but is cursed, many cave raiders have tried to raid the Abyss but very few live to tell the tale.

Riko is inspired by her mother and wants to become another cave raider like her mother. Riko finds a humanoid robot named Reg in the Abyss. Riko and her friends somehow manage to bring Reg onto the surface. They both instantly become friends. Reg later accompanies Riko in her adventures in getting inside the Abyss in the faint hope to find her mother.
The Abyss is cursed. The curse becomes more prominent as one tries to descend deeper into the cave. There have been very few raiders who have survived the raid and have told their experience.  The raiders who manage to descend into the lowest region and have returned earn the title of “white whistle”. Riko’s mother was one of the “white whistles”.  This encourages Riko to become like her mother and earn the title of “white whistle”.

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Release of season 2

Although there has been no official statement from the makers about season 2 of the anime, many experts do believe that there will be a second season definitely around the end of this year. Season 2 of the series would have been on air already by this time but has been delayed due to COVID 19 pandemic.


Riko Voiced by Miyu Tomita (Japanese); Brittany Lauda(English)
Reg Voiced by Mariya Ise (Japanese); Luci Christian(English)
Nanachi Voiced by Shiori Izawa (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English)
Mitty Voiced by (Japanese); Monica Rial(English)
Director Voiced by Yōko Sōmi (Japanese); Julie Oliver-Touchstone(English)
Jiruo Voiced by Taishi Murata (Japanese); Daniel Regojo(English)
Nat Voiced by Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese); Shannon Emerick(English)
Shiggy Voiced by Manami Numakura(Japanese); Terri Doty(English)
Kiyui Voiced by Manami Hanawa (Japanese); Kalin Coates(English)