Magical Sempai Season 2

Here is all you need to know about Season 2 of Magical Sempai.

Magical Sempai is a manga series consisting of 7 volumes. The creators got their anime adaptation in the year 2019. Tokyo MX, MBS, BS-NTV network, and licensed by Crunchyroll, run the anime. The series is directed by Rintarou Ikeda and written by Fumiaki Usui.

The Magical Sempai consisted of only 12 episodes with a run time of 15 minutes for each episode. No official statement regarding Magical Sempai Season 2 has been published so far. The anime only had average ratings and among fans, it was not a hit. People watched the series, but they were not happy with the bland story that followed. With little to no romance between the 2 main characters, nearly all the episodes were similar. They might add a few improvements when they produce the second season to increase the anime’s popularity.

It’s been only a year since the anime was published, so we can assume Season 2 of Magical Sempai to come around the edge.

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What will it be about?

Because of its simple structure and 15-minute episodes, most of you already remember the whole plot of Magical Sempai. Season 2 of Magical Sempai will also most likely contain the same kind of story but with better scenes of ecchi-comedy. If they are going to resume the anime with Magical Sempai Season 2, the production will not make the same mistake as last time. There is plenty of ecchi-comedy anime out there which Magical Sempai will easily outrank.

So we can expect an amazing plot from Magical Sempai Season 2 with this in mind. There may be some love story between Senpai and Assistant-Kun this time because we all know they both have a crush on one another. Nowadays, with almost everyone enjoying them, the ecchi-comedy genre is becoming extremely competitive. With a fully-fledged plot, the characters and illustrations are relatively well developed.