Maid Sama Season 2

Maid Sama Season 2

Hiro Fujiwara had Created and written a shojo manga series “ Maid Sama”. This young teenage anime series is based on a Japanese comic. Maid Sama was extremely loved by the fans because it is not only a normal romantic comedy anime series.

If you dwell more into it you will get to know that there’s a lot of things in it besides being a romantic comedy. Now it’s been nearly a decade to get an opportunity for seeing its second season. Let’s see below if there are some possibilities for the next season to come or not.

Will Maid Sama Season 2 come?? What will be the Release Date?

Till today there is no official announcement regarding the series the second season. The first season of the series aired from 1st April 2010 to 23 September 2010. The first Season of Maid Sama carries a total of 26 episodes. It had left a huge effect on the watchers that they kept inquiring for another season for almost 10 years.  Some of them have even signed a request on for the renewal of the second season by calling the show as public favorites and had earned huge ratings. But sadly the producers of the show kept postponing them for another season without bothering much for the emotions of their fans.

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Characters in Maid Sama

• Takumi Usui
• Misaki Ayuzawa
• Shizuko Kaga
• Shiochiro Yukimura
• Ikuto Sarashina
• Ryunosuke Kurosaki
• Naoya Shirakawa
• Satsuki

Reasons for the Non-Renewal of the series:

Till now, there isn’t any precise reason for the cancellation of the second season but as from the sources, it is collected that the manga series on which it was based doesn’t have sufficient material for the adaptation goal. Also, the series was not so liked in Japan like the other country.
Now as from the belief of reviewers, there are very rarer chances for its renewal. And if it happens then possibly be later in 2022 but if the show gets renewed now, it’s popularity will be a big problem.

The plot of Maid Sama:

The plot focuses on a girl and a boy who met in a school which was earlier only a boys school but now became a co-ed. Later, the girl became the debuted female president of the school who had a weird story of working as a maid in the maid cafe to boost her family. She had kept her job hidden from everyone but one day she gets trapped by one of his schoolmates who is also the most prominent boy of the school and uses her secret to get more near to her and to make amends in the school council.