Marrying Millions Season 2

Marrying Millions Season 2

Marrying Millions is a very interesting American reality show. It showcases couples where one person is enormously wealthy while the other person is not. The show explores the complexities of these relationships and the problems the couples have to face. The first season of Marrying Millions had 10 episodes, with each episode stretching for about 40-42 minutes. It was released on 10th July 2019. The show premiered on Lifetime. The show made the viewers see the everyday lives of these unique couples as some of them got their happy endings while others were not so lucky. It seems there is more to the relationships that the millions!

What is the show about?

The plot of the show revolves around six couples. As they go through their lives, their every move is criticized by their friends or families. The show follows the couples as they navigate through the scrutiny. The cast for season 1 had featured six couples who were from different professions and each of them met through special circumstances.
One of the most long-lasting couples was Sean and Megan, who have been together for many years. Sean, being the grandson of Don Julio Lourdes (founder of AUGE Media Publishing) was far wealthier than Megan, a yoga instructor. Emilio who is Sean’s father insisted on a pre-nuptial agreement but the couple went ahead and got married without one. Presently, Sean reported that the couple is happy in their marriage.
On the other hand, Katie and Kolton did not have a happy ending in Season 1. Single mother Katie, who was married to baseball player Josh Hamilton, loved a 23-year-old rapper called Kolton. But their relationship did not survive the age gap as well as the wealth gap.
Another couple of Season 1, Drew and Rosie met through unusual circumstances. They were introduced through a website for Sugar Daddies. But in the end, love won and they got hitched in Costa Rica.

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The cast

Some of the old cast will be returning. The much-loved couples, Bill and Brianna, and Brian and Gentille will be coming back. Alongside them, perhaps five new couples may join the cast.

When will it release?

The popular documentary series will be returning on 5th August for Season 2. Till then, wait patiently!