Martha Knows Best

Martha Knows Best

The second-season property of HGTV’s Martha Knows Best Martha Stewart is an Emmy TV personality and the highest-selling author of The New York Times.

She show follows her preparation for the autumn and winter of their farm. She shares festive travel ideas to help the families rejoice comfortably in their homes during the new eight-episode season. And the superfans of Martha and famous friends opt for video check-into give them advice on their homemade designs. ‘Martha Knows Best’ season will broadcast on Wednesday, 28th October, at 8:30 p.m. 

The plot of the show!

Martha Stewart showcases her talents and tips on planning for the holiday season in the 8-episode series. Beginning with her beloved holiday, Halloween, it will be the subject in the first four half-hour episodes. She is known for her sophisticated and imaginative outfits, delicacies, and decoration, as she shares her spooky vacation at home with you. She will take every stop for a fun holiday, from choosing pumpkins for Jack-O-Lanterns and making homemade apple ciders to turning her home into a haunted farm.

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What will be the future episodes be about?

Future episodes will highlight preparations for thanksgiving, autumnal flower arrangements, seeds, and fall vegetable harvest, wreath-making, tree-trimming, and handmade donations. She will expertly organize closets, shop, and prepare the farm for a fresh start in the new year. 

Release Date of the show! 

The latest season will focus on thanksgiving preparations, autumnal florals, planting of bulbs, and rearing fall vegetables. The episode will air at 8:30 pm, on Wednesday, 28 October. The show’s next four episodes will revolve around wreath-making, tree-trimming, and designing handmade gifts. It returns on Fridays at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m, November 27, and December 4. 

The host of the show! 

Martha Stewart is an American businesswoman, blogger, television personality, and a former stockbroker. She has written several bestselling books and has hosted many TV shows. Martha is followed in later episodes as she manages the garden expertly, organizes closets and pantries, and manages the farm for a new beginning to the New Year.