Julie and the Phantoms

Julie and the Phantoms is an upcoming comedy, musical, and fantasy American series. Kabir Akhtar, Paul Becker, Kenny Ortega, and Kristin Hanggi are the directors of the show. Julie and the Phantom is the adaptation of the Brazilian musical children’s show, Julie e os Fantasmas. Julie e os Fantasmasis one of the most famous shows in Brazil. However, the creators have indicated that the adaptation will not bear too much similarity with the original show.

Anyways, the English adaptation of the show has stirred excitement amongst the viewers. Critics too have high hopes from the upcoming adapted show, Julie and the Phantoms. If you are amongst the excited viewers, then this article is for you. In this piece, we will discuss the recent developments of the show. Along with all the details of the show, Julie and the Phantom.


The creators of the show have cleared that the show will not bear too much similarity with the original show. Anyways, the base of the upcoming show will remain the same. The show revolves around a band of enthusiasts and young school musicians. Everything was going fine but then the mother of one of the members dies. This dulls the sparkle in the band. 

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Julie is an enthusiast musician. Her mother dies, leaving her in despair. She then seeks out ways to rekindle her passion for music. On her journey, Julie meets three ghosts of the musicians in her mother’s old recording studio. Together they decide to form a band, Julie and the Phantoms. The show is full of music and dance numbers, which will keep you entertained until the end of the show. 

Release Date:

‘Julie and the Phantoms’ is the adaptation of the Brazilian show, Julie e os Fantasmas. The audience of the original show is anticipating high hopes with the upcoming show. ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ will be releasing on 10th September 2020, on Netflix. The first season will have nine chapters.


  • Madison Reyes as Julie
  • Charlie Gillespie as Ghost 
  • Jeremy Shada as Ghost
  • Owen Patrick Joyner as Ghost
  • Cheyenne Jackson as Caleb
  •  Carlos Ponce as Ray
  • Sonny Bustamante as Carlos
  • Jadah Marie as Flynn
  • Sacha Carlson as Nick
  • Savannah Lee May as Carrie