MG Motors Marvel

The electric crossover MG Marvel X, presented by the company at Auto Expo 2020, has prepared a new avatar. MG Motor Roewe’s sister has unveiled the first image of the R-Aura Concept, an elegant flagship electric crossover, to the Chinese market. Both MG Motor and Roewe are owned by China’s SAIC Motor Corp, the holding company of MG Motor India. MGs will unveil the all-electric Marvel X SUV as a technology showcase. Automakers say it will be the first production model in the world to achieve Level 3 Intelligent Driving.

MG Motor India only arrived in India last year with the Hector SUV. But MG Motor India already has the recently launched ZS EV, an all-electric SUV in this range. The brand has now unveiled a new, larger electric SUV as part of the ongoing Auto Expo-Marvel X. Recognized as the world’s first production model to achieve Level 3 (read: autonomous driving) intelligent driving, MG Marvel X wants to focus on the Show brand. In motorized, self-propelled, and connected products.

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MG Marvel X Price

MG Marvel X is currently not available in the city. However, the estimated price may be Rs. 30 lakh.

MG Marvel X Launch Date

The Anticipated launch date of MG Marvel X is 15th December 2021.


MG Marvel X has 1 diesel engine. Diesel engine 1998cc. Can be used with manual transmission. …

MG Marvel X Mileage

MG Marvel X offers a range of 500 km and is equipped with a quick charge option. Electric SUVs charge up to 80% in 40 minutes with fast charging.
The SUV accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds and then reaches a top speed of 180 km / h with its electronically limited top speed. This SUV is equipped with the intelligent iBooster electric steering system, which improves response to emergency braking.

Design & Features

SAIC Motor Corporation claims the MG Marvel X has a five-star standard security design. Six security management strategies for high voltage circuits. And an IP67 battery with an anti-theft rating.
When it comes to safety, Marvel X offers smart parking assistance, A1 fully intelligent roaming, automatic emergency brakes, forward collision warning, real-time assistance, and more. This SUV has a “welcome mode” and remote control to open the tape, all LED fenders, concave door handles, and a dedicated luxury key with ORVM (rearview mirror).
Another top-notch feature is the German molding seat covers drilled by Bader.