If you were asked about the highest-grossing animated franchise right now, you might answer “Toy Story”. Even though Toy Story has been around for many years, it still could not beat the minions! The Toy Story franchise is lagging behind and the gap is as huge as $700 million. Ano, what’s more, the minions will be back with another success.  “Minions: Rise of the Gru” is also known as Minions 2, is an upcoming addition to the franchise. Illumination will be producing the film. This movie is sort of a spin-off of the Despicable Me series. Kyle Balda will be directing this upcoming movie. The team of co-directors will consist of Brad Ableson and Johnathan del Val. Brian Lynch will serve as the writer.

What will be the plot?

This movie will pick up the story from the previous movie of 2015. This one is set in the 1970,s and it features a young Felonius Gru living in the suburbs. He has somewhat of a peculiar ambition of joining the supervillain group called Vicious 6. So, Gru plans to become evil enough so that they would consider him as a member. Meanwhile, Vicious 6 gets rid of their leader, Wild Knuckles. Gru takes this opportunity to interview for that position. As is expected, the plan does not work well and Gru ends up stealing from the gang of villains with the help of the minions. This incident leads him to become the enemy of Vicious 6. Surprisingly, Gru finds help from Wild Knuckles of all people.

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There is some magic in the yellow blabbering minions that get audiences hooked. The next movie is also going to be a big hit. Any minion fan doesn’t expect highly complex moral dilemmas while watching these movies and they are just good fun. That formula has worked for years. Plus, there is really no one better suited to play Gru than Steve Carell.

Who will be in it?

Pierre Coffin will play the roles of Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Otto, and the other minions.

Steve Carell will play Felonius Gru

Michelle Yeoh will play Master Chow

Jean-Claude Van Damme will play Jean Clawed.