Howard Overman has created a science fiction drama called Misfits. The show came on E4 and it was about a group of young people who were supposed to do community service. But due to a strange electrical storm, each of them ended up with weird supernatural powers. The show was released back in November of 2009. The last episode of the fifth season aired in December of 2013. The team of writers for the show included Howard Overman, Jon Brown, and Mike O’Leary. Molly Sian Smith served as the creative director. 5 seasons has a total of 37 episodes. Each episode stretches for about 45 minutes.

Is the show available on Netflix?

Sadly, at this moment, “ Misfits” is not available on Netflix for streaming. But fans don’t have to lose hope because the wait is almost over. Very soon, all five seasons of Misfits will be there on the platform. Misfits will be available on Netflix UK and Ireland next month. Netflix has confirmed the news just about a month after the airing of the second installment of The Umbrella Academy. Interestingly, that show has Robert Sheehan, who is also a member of Misfits. Sheehan had played the role of Nathan. Every fan of Misfits was relieved to hear the good news. The availability of this series means that the watchers will not have to use All 4 anymore.

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This is the greatest news for any fan. Sheehan has confided in an interview that Misfits remains a lovely and gorgeous memory to him. He also did not fail to praise his latest show, The Umbrella Academy. If you haven’t seen or even heard about Misfits yet, this is your chance to see Robert Sheehan in action before his fame due to Umbrella Academy. The cast of Misfits is no doubt an incredible one. It consists of amazing and famous British actors. Anyone familiar with the show from before would certainly want to watch it again.

When will it be available?

The exact rate of release of all the five seasons of Misfits on Netflix is the 15th of September. Till then, spet your time catching up on the Umbrella Academy.