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Harry Potter fans have no doubt already seen the movies multiple times. But those films never get old and the fans always have a desire to rewatch them. The global streaming platform Netflix is a trustworthy place to get good content, but unfortunately, the Harry Potter movies haven’t been a constant on this platform.

Whether or not you get these movies on Netflix really depends on where you live. The films come and go and presently, there are a lot of regions where these movies are not available. In order to understand why this happens, it is important to know some stuff about distribution rights.

J.K. Rowling made a fortune with her seven books which were adapted into eight successful movies. They were by no means cheap to make because the reports say that the Harry Potter movies had cost 1.2 billion dollars to create. But the movies also brought in a lot of cash and earned a whopping amount of $7.7 billion. The films start with young Daniel Radcliffe who finds out that he is a wizard and goes on to attend the wizarding school named Hogwarts.

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Apart from the region of the United States, these movies are meant to be distributed by Warner Brothers only. The series has not stopped with those eight films, the franchise now includes “Fantastic Beasts”. Most of the movies are available in the regions of the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary as well as Spain. The final films of Deathly Hallows are also available in Portugal, Brazil, and Mexico.

The peculiar thing is Netflix in the US has never housed any of the Harry Potter films. This happens because Warner Bros. does not have direct control over the franchise in the United States. Instead of Warner Bros. the rights now belong to NBCUniversal. With the current condition of distribution rights, it is very unlikely that the US citizens will get to enjoy the Harry Potter movies on Netflix.

But it seems like the other regions won’t be spared for long either. Netflix is having heady competition from the HBO Max, which is a Warner Bros. owned platform. If in the coming decade, it manages to win over the rights to Harry Potter it will not allow Netflix of other regions to stream it.