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Tom Cruise is only one day old, which is surprising given the tended-to-be-tired male stuntman (who works as an actor, producer, and director) these days. After a very long time completing Mission: Impossible – Fallout and quickly drawing 8G for Top Gun: Maverick, the film’s hero returns to lead Mission Impossible 7 in a staggering 25 years since his debut as IWF Agent Ethan Love. Yes, it’s not over yet. The seventh blockbuster in the franchise is in development. Here’s everything we know about MI7 so far.

Mission Impossible 7 Has Been Confirmed:

It is true, and although we know it will be released in 2021, it is still unclear the title of the cinema. MI7 marks the third installment in the Rogue Nation franchise where Tom Cruise will collaborate again with director Christopher Macquarie.
Mission Impossible 7 is said to have originally shot with an eighth consecutive sequel and had to shoot in Venice (Italy) in March this year. Just hours before the cameras were activated, Paramount Pictures cast and crew were detained as the coronavirus pandemic swept through Europe.

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About The Next Mission:

As a guest on the 400th episode of the Empire Podcast, Macquarie discusses his fairly quick and easy approach to writing and directing missionary films, joking that he only finished the plot for Mission Impossible 7 months before the cameras were released.
What this whole film looks like is yet to come. The next two films have obviously become heavily dependent on complex sequences – that is. Stunning action and choreography just like the HALO sequence from the previous film. Macquarie and Cruz preferred to frame this larger scene before deciding how to put it together. Macquarie admits that sometimes she actually switches this set between films and brings it back to the next sequel when she feels it doesn’t fit into the next film.


The Showrunners likely received the same thing when they brought in key mission members such as Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, and Vanessa Kirby. Interestingly, to cheer up his fans, Henry Cherny will reprise his role in the mysterious “Kitridge” from the franchise’s first 1996 film. Until recently, British actor Nicholas Holt had to play the villain against Tom Cruise in MI7. Due to the planning conflict caused by the pandemic, this role is now being played by Esai Morales (Ozark). Hailey Atwell, Pom Clementiev, and Shea Wigam will also join the franchise.

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Release Date:

Before the global pandemic, Mission Impossible 7 had to be released in July 2021. The eighth installment followed almost exactly one year later. Since then, MI7 has been put on hold until November 19, 2021, and an untitled sequel has also been postponed to November 2022.