Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 spoilers!

The fourth season Money Heist (La casa de Papel) increased the activity and added more bloodshed than all three seasons before. After only two seasons, the fourth season finale would be followed in the same format as the two seasons.

But this time nothing seems to have been planned and the gang was forced to buy itself a little longer. This means the fourth season is over a cliffhanger that has left the door open for a possible five-season Money Heist. And fortunately, it was confirmed by Netflix. Money Heist will go back for the fifth – and last – season on Friday, July 31, Netflix announced: “the Heist’s coming to an end.” But White Lines wasn’t so fortunate. After a time of cancellation, the Netflix show, created by Álex Pina, was held. Money Heist season five in the final series consisting of 10 episodes is scheduled for Spain, Denmark, and Portugal. On the 3rd of August, Netflix implemented its five plans for its season a couple of days after the announcement.

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Release date of the show!

As a result of the ongoing global situation, Netflix paused its production in all its original series two weeks on 15 March. But according to reports, the cast and crew are back in action. Although the latest chapter is not expected to premiere this year, 2021 is a real opportunity, with potential disasters prevented by October. But in the current climate, we still tremendously tread the unknown, and that is the best-case scenario.

The plotline of the series?

As is the case every year in Money Heist, in Season Five the professor and the gang get together to do their best: high-grade armed robbery with a smattering of political resistance. At the end of season 4, there are several loose threads that could be explored in the future. Lisbon is now inside the bank, but with Inspector Alicia Sierra, Lisbon, and the others there is no way to escape. Lisbon is now within the bank. They will have to continue to melt gold at the highest speed and hope that Sergio will once and for all find a way out of Sierra.

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And then the sneaky Easter egg is also to fight with.