Money Heist Season 5

Alex Pina has cerated the immensely successful crime drama called “ Money Heist” or as it is known in Spanish “La Casa De Papel” or” House of Paper”. The show focuses mainly on the planning of two heists led by the Professor. This series is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Many celebrities have also commented on it, which has further expanded the fame of” Money Heist”. As this is one of the biggest shows that is trending globally, no one was surprised when the show got renewed for season 5. But, unfortunately, season 5 will also be the last season of the brilliant series.

When the series first made its debut on the Spanish network, people weren’t sure of its success. But, thankfully Netflix intervened and now it is one of the biggest success stories. Sadly, the fans will not be getting much more of the Professor’s plans. Perhaps, it is better for Money Heist to be ending soon, after all, you cannot really keep on with the excellent plots forever.

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What is the news on season 5?

It is not all bleak news. Even though season 5 ill is the last season, there will be interesting new additions in the cast of the final season. Actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado will be joining the cast of “Money Heist”. This information was provided by Netflix through its Instagram account. It is redundant to state that the fans are extremely excited about the new additions to the cast. The story of season 5 might deal with revenge for Nairobi, the team member who was lost in the earlier season.

The creator of the show has not revealed exactly how the new faces will fit in the plot, but Pina hasn’t disappointed his audiences before so the fans should rest easy. Season 5 will have 10 episodes and Pina has said that Manila will get a chance to have more attention in this last season. The final standoff between the Professor and Sierra is also pending.