Monster Musume Season 2

Monster Musume is a Japanese fantasy, comedy, and harem anime series. Tatsuya Yoshihara is the director of the series. Monster Musume released on 7 July 2015, on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS, and BS11 Networks. The anime series is the adaptation of a Japanese manga series, Monster Musumewritten, and illustrated by Okayado. Critics and anime lovers appreciated the animated adaptation of the famous manga series. The show is one of the most popular anime series.

The first season of the show concluded on 22 September 2015. Season one of the series consists of twelve episodes in total. Monster Musume has received many successful spin-offs, including one more manga series.


Kimihito Kurusu is the leader of the storyline. He is a Japanese student in Asaka, Saitama. He accidentally becomes a part of the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange” program. During his program, Kimihito brings Miia to his doorstep by mistake. He feels attracted to her, and they start living together. As his life continues, he gets more females species at his door. He shelters everyone at his house. The scenario becomes very hectic as the house is full of the sheltered the female species. The twist in the story comes when a law stating that the humans must marry one of the species to carry forward their relationships. Kimihito has to marry one of the female species he is sheltering his home with. Being the only male of the house, all the females begin competing in gaining the attention of Kimihito.

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With time, some of those females get attracted to Kimihito. They then begin to work hard in winning the heart of Kimihito. These expenditures of time and attention come as an embarrassment for Kimihito at times.

Season 2:

The first season of the manga adapted anime series managed to gain traction from the critics and anime enthusiasts from around the world. Viewers loved the adaptation of literal sources. The show managed to retain the loyal fanbase of the manga as well. 

The creators have not made any announcement regarding the second season of the show. Taking the source of the anime adaptation, there may be a second season of the anime series. Our safest bet regarding the second season of the show in mid-2021.