Monsterland Season 1

The first half-hour of piloting Monsterland, the anthology series from Hulu, deftly misleads audiences about the essence of the show. While the trailer clearly enjoys its horror and fantastical aspects, the series premiere is so filled with serial killer cliches that we wonder about the nature of the monster mentioned in the title. About two-thirds of the path to the episode, however, is a major revelation that not only leads to various life-changing decisions by the main character Tony (Caitlin Dever), but also notes the show’s clear immersion into the supernatural. Using certain passages of Americana, Monsterland explores some of the cracks and gaps of unexplored speculative fiction while preserving the basic humanity of its characters. The series is based on Nathan Belgorod’s collection of short stories “North American Lake Monsters”, and Episode 1 is an adaptation of “You Go Where It Do You”. SPOILER FORWARD!

Recap Monsterland Season 1

After the town where the story takes place, which is called “Port Furshon, Los Angeles”, Episode 1 of the first season “Monsterland” is about Tony, a young mother who struggles to make ends meet. She worked as a waitress at a restaurant where the food was so bad that even her staff had no problem publicly admitting it. At home, his daughter Jack has experienced episodes of violence and increasingly frequent occurrences of him screaming and biting people and even chasing other children with scissors. Her attempts to introduce Jack to her biological father ended horribly, she was beaten and injured, and Jack nearly drowned.

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Monsterland Season 1 Ending

In the episode’s opening scene, a schoolgirl is killed by a mysterious tramp (Jonathan Tucker) who we know as Alex. We believe he was a blind butcher, a serial killer another character found on the news. She comes to the restaurant where Tony works for food and pays him $ 100 just to talk to him. All the disappointments in his life taught Tony how to build an impenetrable wall around him. In this case, he helped her to see that something was out of the ordinary for the man sitting opposite her. With a dating hairstyle for his face and glasses, he comes across as a serial killer. Their conversation is abruptly interrupted when their temporary babysitter appears in the dining room with a screaming Jack.

More About It

Maybe this parallel between Alex / Alice and Tony got him interested from the start. Tony also felt suffocated and trapped in his life, especially after becoming a mother as a teenager. When Jack began to show violent tendencies, it got worse. She barely managed to turn on the lights in her house, so she couldn’t even consider getting the psychiatric help her daughter desperately needed. Throughout the episode, he remembers riding a bicycle several times, which seems to be his only fond memory in recent years.