Mr Queen Episode 9

Hi friends, in this post we are going to talk about Her Majesty The Queen Episode 9. We will post all possible details about the release date and where we can officially meet Mr. Queen. In a disturbing body swap, the spirit of the modern cook is transferred to the body of a queen during the Joseon period. This is the Korean mega-hit, which is airing in South Korea nowadays and around the nation. In Mr. Queen’s Episode 8, Cheol Jong is further protected by Queen So Yong as he feels his heart pounding after the surprise kiss.

In the preview of Episode 9, we see the Queen waking up happily, but with the King right next to her. Queen is worried if they end up doing it, or in other words if they end up sleeping together. For obvious reasons, Mr. Quinn avoided this situation, but she didn’t seem to remember if it really happened. Looking back, we see King Cheol Yong placing a finger on the queen’s lips.

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About the Mr. Queen

We are sure that while watching “Crash Landing on You” you suffer from the second lead syndrome. Kim Jung Hyun is here with a historical comedy drama. He’s also the male protagonist!
Zhang Bong Hwang worked as a cook at the President’s Blue House in what is now Seoul. He is a young man who loves freedom, loves freedom so much that one day his soul will wake up in the body of Queen Kim So Young in the Joseon era, just as he will survive the Joseon era and rule the entire nation, even a husband for anyone. except for King Cheol Yong. This story follows a series of comedy and interesting shows.
Mr. Quinn is full of festive events. Also, the official network for the series is tvN. Additionally, each episode of this series starts from 1.20 hours.

When was Mr Queen episode 9 released?

According to information, the Queen will be a series of 20 episodes. The previous episode in the series was episode 8 and now fans are excited to find out more about K-drama Tuan Ratu episode 9. According to the schedule, Mr. Queen episode 9 will be released on January 9, 2020 at 17.30.

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Where can you watch Mr. Queens episode 9?

You can watch Mr. Queen Episode 9 on Viki.