Mrs. Wilson Season 1

British Historical Drama Television Miniseries Mrs. Wilson which was formerly known as The Wilsons was executively produced by starring Ruth Wilson. Her real-life role has been played by the actress as a grandmother, a widow who uncovers a mysterious and secret life following the death of her husband.

Historical Drama is the genre of the series. The series was written by Anna Symon and directed by Richard Laxton. The United Kingdom is the Country of origin of the series. It has a total of three episodes with each one hour long.

The plot of the series

Alison Wilson’s happy home life is shattered in 1963 upon the death of her husband Alexander “Alec” Wilson, a novelist, and spy who she met while working at MI6 during World War ll.
Suddenly her husband died due to a heart attack at the family home in Ealing. More then two decades later Alison made a shocking discovery that she was not the only Mrs. Wilson and her two sons are not Alec’s only kids.

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Alexander Wilson married four women and has a total of seven children and he never divorced any of his wives instead of keeping the women ignorant of the existence of each other.

Major casts in the series:

• Ruth Wilson as Alison Wilson
• Anupam Kher as Shahbaz Karim
• Iain Glen as Alexander “Alec” Wilson
• Otto Farrant as Nigel Wilson
• Patrick Kennedy as Denis Wilson
• Calam Lynch as Gordon Wilson
• Flona Shaw as Coleman
• Keeley Hawes as Dorothy Wick
• Elizabeth Rider as Glayds Wilson
• Gemma McElhinney as Elizabeth Wilson
• Wilf Scolding as Mike Shannon

Once Wilson said that she was so excited to bring to the small screen the extraordinary lives of her grandmother. A profoundly moving story and Masterpiece on PBS is a perfect home for it.
The series is available to watch on TV or stream it live via the BBC iPlayer.