Mucho Mucho Amor

Netflix recently decided to release a documentary on beloved astrologer Walter Mercado. Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch are the directors of the documentary.

Who was Walter Mercado?

Walter Mercado was a beloved Puerto Rican astrologer and a public figure. He was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1932.  Mercado died in 2019 at the age of 87. Despite his enormous aficionado following in Puerto Rican and other Spanish speaking areas, nobody recognizes him outside those areas. According to Lin-Manuel Miranda, there isn’t any other astrologer in the English speaking communities, with such strong fan following.

Walter Mercado was a famous astrologer. His show used to feature on the Spanish news program Primer Impacto. In his show, he used to read the horoscope of the people.

Very few know that Walter wasn’t always an astrologer, but he was a dancer.  Once, Mercado gets to fill in for a missing guest on an astrology show. There he reads the horoscopes on behalf of that missing guest. After that, he got so famous, that the channel decided to launch a separate segment of the show for Walter Mercado to read horoscopes. Walter, just like Oprah Winfrey, was a celebrated part of the lives of the Latin Americans. His show reached the streaming count of 120 million in Latin America and some other Spanish speaking areas alone!

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There were controversies on the sexual preference of Walter Mercado. But, he never confirmed his sexual orientation in public. He was never married but was linked to a Brazillian actor named Mariette Detotto. After gaining huge popularity, Walter disappeared out of nowhere all of a sudden. Where he went, is still a mystery! A couple of years before he died, he appeared once again and celebrated the opening of his Mucho, Mucho Amor exhibit at the HistoryMiami Museum.

The documentary will deal with the suspense and the mystery as to where he disappeared, and also about his life and struggles.

Release date:

Netflix recently released the trailer of the documentary. The trailer received massive viewership. Netflix decided to release the documentary on July 8, 2020.


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