My Hero Academia

Endeavor recalls Toya, who was burned alive: it was a windy day and the air was dry from the cold. The fire burned more than 2,000 degrees Celsius, and when the bones turned to ash and flew away, no bodies were found. Only a small part of the lower jaw was found. Then he remembered growing up as a child. One day, Endeavor noticed that Toya’s hair had changed. Her red hair turns gray, she asks what happened and laughs.

He also asks if she drew it and she refuses and shows her new moves. Endeavor realized that Toya was not defending her mother’s icy originality. The firepower was stronger than her, but she lacked the ability to cope with heat loss. Nevertheless, he decided to make a hero out of him. Endeavor wanted a baby with two Triggers of Fire and Ice combined, but his wife wanted more. They have a second child named Fuyumi, and he inherited the weirdness of ice from Ray.

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Release Date & Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 292 will out on Sunday, November 29, 2020. Every Sunday a new chapter appears in My Hero Academia. Unfortunately, the spoiler for chapter 292 has not yet been released. The comics sometimes change the weekly release schedule. Let’s see what happens below.

About Chapter 291

Endeavor believes that he can achieve his eternal goals and get rid of everything that disturbs his mind. Returning to the present, Endeavor said he was dead and Dabi had to get his lie back. Dabi said, “I’m still alive, dad.” This is a disgusting truth, since Endeavor had no idea that he created a fire department, and it was cool as quix. Meanwhile, Compress and Spinner could let Gigantomachia, who is worried about breaking Tomura, know what to do.

Dabi talked about going through a DNA test to prove that he was telling the truth. And concluded that it didn’t matter because his test results were released during their conversation.
After early eavesdropping on Dabi, he took a blood sample from Endeavor after the Battle of Kyushu and found a match in his DNA test. Dabi says that Endevbaur is forcing his wife to have more children, and such a person cannot be a hero. Hiroshi does not believe in Dhabi’s words and can no longer make people believe in his personality.

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Where To Read?

The manga is available on VIZ Media and the official Manga Plus Shueisha platform. Fresh scans of recent chapters are broadcasted 2-3 days before the publication of each chapter. We approve browsing digital copies of the official websites and apps to enable manga creators and publishers.