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2021 will be a big year for My Hero Academia. The anime returns in the spring and a third film comes out in the summer. All eyes are still on the manga series, however, with 2020’s final chapters perhaps the best of the year. This article describes the date and time Chapter 297 of My Hero Academia was released worldwide, as well as the spoilers that have appeared online.

My Hero Academia Chapter 297: Release Date

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My Hero Academia Chapter 297 is out on Sunday, 17 January 2020. This is in line with the official schedule for the chapters in the Sean Jump Area at Viz Media.

My Hero Academia Chapter 297: Release Time

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 is expected to be released at midnight JST.
If these dates and times remain correct, we can assume that the English translation will be available to an international audience in the coming hours.
• Pacific Time: Sunday, January 17, 9:00 a.m.
• Central time: Sunday, January 17, 11 a.m.
• Eastern Time: Sunday, January 17, 12 p.m.
• UK Time: Sunday 17 January at 5:00 p.m.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 297: Spoilers

Boku No My Hero Academia
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At the time of writing, spoilers for My Hero Academia 297 have yet to appear online, but it’s still early days. We expect the first spoilers to appear online when the raw scan is released around the 13th. So check for updates again.

About Chapter 297

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In chapter 296 we see the devastating end of the war, which also ended the lives of many professional heroes. At the same time, Shigaraki and his friend fled. The scale in the last chapter left many questions unanswered when All for One was introduced. Many theories have emerged since the last chapter was published, and one of them is that “All for One” will escape from prison. There is also speculation that Shigaraki will be controlled by All for One and his body will be used as bait. While we still can’t confirm if there’s a prison break for “All for One”, we can assure you that big things will still happen on the show. Before Boku no My Hero Academia manga fans jump with a new rainbow, they will first learn about the consequences of the war. This will be done in the next chapter of My Hero Academia.