My Octopus Teacher

This is a film to watch out for. My Octopus Teacher happens to be the first documentary of South African origins on Netflix. It is based on the true story of a man who happens to falls in love with a mollusk. In return, the mollusk helps the man to connect with his own humanity. As is the case with many love stories, My Octopus Teacher has a sad yet hopeful end for its viewers.

It as a simple storyline and makes us feel like we are there while a master storyteller exhibits his skills. Craig Foster is the filmmaker of this documentary and he is also the founder of the Cape Town-based Sea Change Project.

He has led a life worth exploring. His incredible experiences include scuba diving and hunting in the desert. He has spent time in the deepest parts of the Sahara desert and even dared climbing the Mali mountains along with the heavy film equipment. In this film, he is seen to be hanging around an octopus in the kelp forest. We are treated to a narration that tells us how the filmmaker decided to pay a visit to the same mollusk every day.

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These events led to a radical change in his life. If nothing else, the viewers will be struck by how authentic this documentary is. There is a sense of earnestness and intimacy and the storytelling does justice to the filmmaker. Many shows seem to try and trick the audience into believing as if the film crew isn’t there. As if the viewers are getting a glimpse of the animals in their natural habitat without any interference. My Octopus Teacher does not do that.

This documentary boasts of a fresh perspective. Lavish programs like the BBC ones are the exact opposite of these kinds of documentaries and the audience might find this a welcome change. What you see is what you get. There is no overshadowing of nature with excessive technology. My Octopus Teacher is a unique film focusing on the deep relationship between Foster and the octopus.

When will it release?

The documentary has already released on 4th September 2020.