Nadiya Bakes is an eight-part culinary series hosted by Nadiya Hussain on British television. Hussein shares his most condescending dessert recipe. Nadia celebrates the joy of making and sharing her favorite cakes, pastries and delicious cakes along with exciting new recipes inspired by other passionate bakers.

About the series:

In this cake series, writer and chef Nadia Hussein (who won The Great British Bake Off in 2015 and previously starred in the Netflix series “Nadia’s Eating Time”) returns to the kitchen to make delicious treats.
• Genre- Cooking
• Director: Katie Fryer
• Presented by – Nadia Hussein
• Country of origin -United Kingdom
• Original language- English
• Number of series- 1
• Number of episodes- 8
• Executive producer are Katie Fryer, Anna Miralis
• Producer- Laya Niubo
• Editor- John Hubbard
• Duration- 30 minutes
• BBC Studios’ wall-to-wall media distribution company
• Share By- original BBC Two network
• Audio format- Stereo

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In September 2020, Michael Joseph published a hardback cookbook to coincide with the BBC series
• The Chronicles of Nadia
• Nadia’s British food adventures
• Favorite of the Nadia family
At the event, Nadia Hussein shared her love of baking with some of her favorite recipes. From everyday treats to degrading desserts, they’re guaranteed to bring a little joy into your life.

Release date:

Delicious pastries and heavenly bread come out of the oven as Nadia Hussein returns to baking, a happy place and a highlight of the creative spirit of relatives.
Season 1 is coming February 12th
Great British Bake Off winner, cook and author Nadia Hussein, serves up lots of delicious cakes.


English, food and travel TV, lifestyle, shared family TV, reality TV, special interests.

Episode 1:

Classic Bake with a twist:
Nadia shares her favorite classic oven with a twist. From bright mangoes and coconut mushrooms to frogs in the hole with a spicy Asian kick, this recipe will make you smile.

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Episode 2:

Indulgent dessert:
Nadia shares her most humble desserts, from frozen blueberries and banana cheese cakes to her husband’s favorite jam, including tips and tricks for making the perfect pavlova.

Episode 3:

Savoury Bake:
Nadia shares her favorite spicy cakes, ranging from delicious buns with chicken and pink pepper to delicious pepper with spicy peppers and lightly roasted teriyaki noodles.

Episode 4:

Baking with Chocolate:
Nadia Hussein focuses on one ingredient that many people find very attractive – chocolate. Nadia shares four recipes for pure and pure chocolate bliss. First of all, these brownies – but not all old brownies – are the best. Nadia money can’t buy you happiness.

Episode 5:

Baking to share:
Nadia Hussein focuses on something close to her heart – making delicious snacks to share with loved ones. Nadia comes from a large family, so baking cakes has always been an important part of their own home for others. She started off with an epic wreath of red peppers and cranberries, including a fluffy treat

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Episode 6:

Baking on a budget:
Nadia Hussein focuses on baking on a budget. Baking spectacular meals can be expensive, and after a busy 2020, many of us are looking for ways to tighten the strings.

Episode 7:

Biscuits and Bites:
Nadia Hussein shares her favorite cookies and snacks at any time of the day. Nadia believes homemade cookies are one of life’s greatest pleasures

Episode 8:

Celebration Bake:
Nadia Hussein baked and devoted herself to an amazing holiday.