Narcos Mexico

Netflix is officially updating Narcos: Mexico for its third season. But we know it’s been actively developing and creating new characters for a long time. Here’s everything you need to know about Narcos Season 3. Which is coming soon on Netflix (2021).

Narcos: Mexico is the original Netflix crime series, created by Chris Brancato and Doug Miro. It was originally planned for the fourth season of the hit crime drama Narcos, but the final decision was to make Addicts: Mexico a separate product. With actors like Diego Luna and Michael Pena, the series is a great platform for couples to showcase their acting skills.

Does Netflix renew Narcos: Mexico for season three?

Netflix hasn’t heard of a Narcos: Mexico update for months. But season three appears to have been extended by several months before the actual announcement in October 2020.

What to Expect From Season 3

The story of Felix Gallardo is almost over, but bloodshed awaits us in the third season of Narcos: Mexico. Despite the power and influence that Felix gained when he took over the Guadalajara cartel. He was easily dismissed with a few blows. When DEA agent Walt Breslin attended Felix in jail. We learned about the reality of a situation. We saw that the DEA and all constitution enforcement agencies no longer have Felix, the head of the association. Felix is right that if all the places work in unanimity, they could oust the Colombians and earn billions of dollars. Without Felix as a character with all the connections, each crate that has now become a separate cartel will fight each other. Felix has always lived in peace in Mexico, but now “all animals run away”, they are waiting for war and bloodshed.

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Major Casts


There are a number of new casts in Narcos: Mexico Season 3.
• Maria
• Ismael
• The General
• Vicente
• Dani
• Arturo
• Miguel
• Steve
• Hortensia
• Santos
• Katz

When Did Filming took place?

As discussed briefly above, filming for Narcos: Mexico began, but production was delayed due to pandemics around the world. I would like to know more, but the photo of the 3rd season of Narcos: Mexico will end in late summer or fall 2020.

Release Date

If Netflix renews Narcos: Mexico to season three, it will wait until 2021 for the season to begin. The time between the first and second seasons is 15 months, and if the same logic applies to the third season, we can see that it will release in May 2021. The best release date is Summer 2021.