Carmen Sandiego Season 3

Carmen Sandiego

The central character of the 2019 Carmen Sandiego animated series on Netflix is Carmen Sandiego. At V.I.L.E. Academy, she learned how to become a professional thief but later faded away to see the world for herself. With partners like Player, Shadows, Ivy and Zack, she plans and executes capers.

Gina Rodriguez is the voice-over artist for the English version. Where is Carmen Sandiego in the world? Well, she’s all set to go back to Netflix with a new set of episodes set in new locations around the world. Not too far away from Netflix is the third season of ‘Carmen Sandiego’. The rebooted animated series was a hit with producer fans and star Gina Rodriguez’s effortless expression of the ’90s character.

Carmen Sandiego is a modern version of the Robin Hood that robs the stolen antique and brings it back into the fierceness of the malicious organization that trained Carmen to become a thief V.I.L.E. Originally the Franchise was made in Broderbund.

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Release Date

‘Carmen Sandiego’ season 3 will be released on Netflix at 12 am PST on October 1st.


Carmen Sandiego is a contemporary Robin Hood traveling through the world to steal and give back to the victims of the V.I.L.E. Villains’ International League of Evils / Valuable Imports.  Most law enforcement agencies perceive Carmen publicly as a criminal — rectification, a master criminal because of her theatrical characteristics and sheen. We’re going to follow her escapes and get to know not only where, but who in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

The Netflix series serves as a serialized look at the backstory of the character and features a different version of Carmen. On the roadside of Buenos-Aires, Argentina, Carmen knows only that 20 years ago, an abandoned child was found. When a young man, after stopping for a mission and watching what is actually happening, she used to be a student at the VILE Academy until she left, when she didn’t want to take the life of everyone who is in her way.

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She takes her name from the brand name tag in the hat she used in her escape disguise.