History of Swear Words


Oh, the swear word. When properly distributed, this is ideal punctuation for human communication, a way of speaking in just four letters. Where do these “evil” things come from? Fortunately, Netflix has produced a series of weird and dishonest but highly informative documentaries. Of course, I will show you the story of the curse created by Nicolas Cage.


Throughout six episodes of Stories of Profanity, you delve into the origins of this playful and forbidden language alongside etymologists, historians, and artists such as Joel Kim Booster, The Open Mike Eagle, Nikki Glazer, Patti Harrison, and London Hughes. Will be. Jim Jeffrey and Nick chat with Offerman. Sarah Silverman, Baron Vaughn, and Isia Whitlock Jr. (Of course, this makes the “S” a work of art for The Wire). The show was shown at Funny or Die and B17 Entertainment (The Great Debate) in collaboration with host Bellamy Blackstone (I Love You) with executive producer FoD, Mike Farah, Joe Farrell, and Beth Bellew, and Rhett Bachner, executive producer of B17. Began. The USA).

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We’ve got the first video of the show where Cage does his homework, and he’s clean, sweet, cute, dumb, and serious. Let’s borrow Cage’s phrase from this episode and say “a word that can also be used to describe a cat.” We draw our paintings on canvases and monologues about something in this great world that can cause a lot of controversies. . Exemplary beauty. When she rotates the screen to show us … I mean you do appear in the show or are completely disconnected, but no fingers. For example, I live for a comedy / unwritten/informational hybrid show like Drunken Story, and I will add swear words to that story as soon as possible.

Release Date

The History of the swear words hits Netflix on January 5, 2021. Watch the first video below (NSFW, duh doy). See December for Netflix for more details.