Netflix Hache Season 2

Hache is a Spanish crime series created and produced by Veronica Fernandez in Barcelona in the 1960s. The series premieres worldwide on November 1, 2019 on Netflix. The series, aimed at a Spanish audience, surprisingly entered a world audience and became immensely popular both in the West and in the East. The series was founded in Barcelona in the 1960s and depicts widespread drug abuse and the political imbalances of the time. The series shows the fierce competition between drug kingpins and the way they grow their business without coming into conflict with the police.

Then came the nickname of Helena Hache, an unhappy prostitute mother. Your husband is out of context and has a baby to care for. He’s hooked up with drug lord Malpica, who has his own share of his personal losses, making him a violent criminal. Helena tries to exploit her vulnerabilities, enter and exploit the illegal heroin industry, and with her intelligence and knowledge climb the established drug cartel ladder.

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Renewal Status

The best thing about Netflix is that it enters uncharted territory and quickly becomes the king of that territory. We’ve seen in the past Netflix shows like Money Heist and Elite become fan favorites, taking Spain or other countries around the world with their content and giving established cable networks there some incredible competition.
For Hache fans, there is good news that the show has officially extended for a second season which Netflix announced on its official Twitter account. This is pretty self-explanatory, however, as Netflix always uses season two, even when the first installment doesn’t look promising.

Release Date

The show resumed on 21 November 2019. Given the growing fan demand for the second season, a second release was expected to be released in April 2021. But then the pandemic hit all major countries, Spain became one of them and all production in production came to a halt. All of this will take some time in this case, so the release date, which previously was April 2021, could be extended to November 2021 until further notice. In general, neither the developer nor Netflix give points on the release date.

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Given the reviews the series has received, it is likely that the entire cast will reprise their roles in Season 2 of Hache. This means that Adriana Ugarte will reprise the lead role of Helena / Hache. Ugarte is a part of many famous Spanish films such as Juliet, Time Between Them, and Netflix’s Mirage. Another important role of drug lord Malpica, tinkered by Javier Ray, who is being persuaded by Helena for his own advantage, is also anticipated to duplicate his role in the second part.

Other supporting characters such as Alejandro Vinuesa, played by Eduardo Noriega and Silvia Valasco, played by Maria Salas will also return to their characters in Season 2. And don’t forget that the possibility of adding new characters for the new season will always be available. However, all of the series’ writers declined to comment on adding new characters.