Run On Season 1

Arriving on Netflix this December is one of jTBC’s newest 2020 dramas, Run On. Here, we retain everything you desire to understand about forthcoming K-dramas, encompassing episode plots, cast, trailers, and release dates. An upcoming consented Netflix K-drama series “Run On” is organized by Lee Jae Hoon and composed by screenwriter Park Shi Hyun.

What is the Release Date On Netflix?

The first episode of Run On is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. There will be a total of 16 Run On episodes. New episodes can be broadcast on Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday until the final series on February 4 2021. Each episode has an estimated run time of 70 minutes. Release Schedule Episodes Run On will air in South Korea on the cable network jTBC before arriving on Netflix shortly thereafter.

What is the plot of Run On?

Ki Sun Gyeom the sports dealer was once a sprinter for the South Korean nationwide company. But was forced to leave due to a controversial lawsuit. The subtitles translator for the film Oh Mi-Joo, was pleased to see her name for the early time at the stop of the film. Seo Dan-A fights for her proper place as the future leader of Seomyung’s group, but outdated prejudice pushes her into the list of potential successors. Arts Major Li Yun-Hwa appeared in Seo Dan-A’s life and his kindness and care brought them together.

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Who are the members of the Run On role?

The following have been confirmed as members of the role of Run On
• Ki Seon Gyeom as Im Shi Wan
• Oh Mi Joo as Shin Se Kyung
• Seo Dan Ah as Choi Soo Young
• Lee Young Hwa as Kang Tae Oh
• Yook Ji Woo as Cha Hwa Yun
• Ki Jung Do as Park Young Gyu
• Ki Eun Bi as Abel RyuBe
• Kim Woo Sik as Lee Jung Ha
• Seo Tae Woong as Choi Jae Hyun
• Go Ye Joon as Kim Dong Young

How is Run On classified in cable ratings?

The biggest factor against Run On for TV viewership ratings is Wednesday and Thursday midweek. All jTBC high-level dramas are broadcast over the weekend. In order to beat the current top rated drama The World of Married, the series will have to surpass the massive 28.371% ratings. To get into the Top 50 Run On, you have to watch the TV drama Hello Mom! with a rating above 6.519%.