Suburra Blood on Rome

Suburra: Blood on Rome

A Roma web television series inspired by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini, the precursor of Suburra ‘s 2015 movie, Suburra: the blood of Roma. Blue also forms part of the Suburra-La series of the Italian crime drama in Rome.

Netflix’s acclaimed three-season Narcos crossed similar territory, but with empires committing cocaine crime in Colombia. Now in Italy the network of video-on-demand has again hit the dirt. The series, title of which means “Slum” and also refers to ancient Rome’s most seedy part, follows a course of very successful Italian crime dramas such as Gomorrah, which were set over a decade ago in Naples or ancient dramatic plays, such as The Octopus.

Three young people from various backgrounds are at the center, who reach a kind of alliance. Gabriele Marchilli is a drug dealer who is also the son of a policeman. Aureliano Adami is the scion of the family mafia. Alessandro Borghi and Alberto Anacleti is a gypsy gangster (Giacomo Ferrara). The deathly fighting against a piece of land by the Vatican, Italian mobsters and various criminals in a seaside town near Rome, with huge redevelopment potential, is driving the plot.

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What is it about? 

The main focus of this series is Gabriele “Lele” Marchilli and Aureliano Adami, who works for Suburra as well as a real-life investigation into Mafia Capital and deal with conflicts of power and corruption between organized criminals, politicians or churchpeople.

He is head of Roman organised crime and contacted Rome Sicilian mafia and, as the anti-Adami (Francesco Acquaroli) politician in Ostia, approaches Amedeo Cinaglia (Filippo Nigro). Ostia Vatican Financial Auditor Sara Monaschi (Claudia Gerini).

Main Cast of the Show!

  • Aureliano (Alessandro Borghi)
  • Spadino (Giacomo Ferrara)
  • Amedeo Cinaglia (Filippo Nigro)
  • Samurai (Francesco Acquaroli)
  • Manfredi Anacleti (Adamo Dionisi)
  • Sara Monaschi (Claudia Gerini)
  • Adelaide Anacleti (Paola Sotgiu)
  • Angelica (Carlotta Antonelli)
  • Nadia (Federica Sabatini)
  • Alice Cinaglia (Rosa Diletta Rossi)
  • Cardinal Fiorenzo Nascari (Alberto Cracco)
  • Adriano ( Jacopo Venturiero )

Suburra to hit Netflix soon!

The world premiere date for the Suburra 3rd time season: Netflix has announced Blood on Rome, but that’s the end of this great series. It’s great but sweet news. In the last season of Suburra, the final judgment of the battle of Roma seafront land is close: Blood of Rome and the criminals will be able to play the game for the last time.

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Netflix Original Series, world premiere on Netflix exclusively on Friday, October 30. Suburra: Blood on Rome: Season 3.