Russian Doll - Season 2

Russian Doll is a dark-comedy series that was released in February 2019 and has gained a lot of popularity resulting in 7.9/10 ratings from IMDb and 97/100 ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. The series is created by Natasha Lyonne, Leslye Headland, and Amy Poehler.

Russian Doll Season 2 Story

The series stares Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov, who suddenly dies on her 36th birthday. In the story, she returns and tries to solve the mystery of her death. As the story further progresses, she is dead one moment and alive the other. Also, in the story, Nadia meets Alan, who is trapped in a similar loop. Both of them together form a good couple and tries to solve the yin and yang of their lives.

Russian Doll Season 2 Plot

The last episode of the first season showed everything back to normal, and Nadia and Alan’s life resets again. However, when the couple met with one other, they realised that something has changed. Both of them have been given a second chance to save their partner within different time loops.

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Russian Doll Season 2 Cast

The main cast of the series includes Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov, Brooke Timber portrays Nadia as a child, Greta Lee as Maxine, Yul Vazquez as John Reyes, Charlie Barnett as Alan Zaveri, Elizabeth Ashley as Ruth Brenner, and Kate Jennings Grant portrays a young Ruth.
The additional recurring cast includes Dascha Polanco as Beatrice, Jeremy Bobb as Mike Kershaw, Brendan Sexton III as Horse, Rebecca Henderson as Lizzy, Ritesh Rajan as Ferran, Yoni Lotan as Ryan, and Burt Young as Joe.
With the second season, we are expecting the original cast to be revived again.

Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has officially confirmed regarding the renewal of the second season of ‌the dark-comedy series.
The first season of Russian Doll released in February 2019, so we expect that the second season is likely to get published in the fall of 2020. However, we cannot confirm the actual release date of the series because of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.
However, we’ll be updating you with all official announcements regarding the second season of Russian Doll. So please stay connected with us.