Next In Fashion

Next in Fashion is amongst a few reality shows that are featured on Netflix. It focuses on designers competing with each other based on recent fashion trends and to create a style that everyone would follow worldwide.

The show was debuted in Netflix in January 2020. Hosted by world-renowned designers Tan France and Alexa Chug, the reality show comprised of 18 professional fashion designers as the participants. The show ran for 10 episodes. It is Netflix’s first fashion reality show. The show is produced by Robin Ashbrook, Adam Cooper, and Yasmin Shackelton.

The participants are the designers who are already working for some celebrity or major fashion houses.
The winner gets to take away USD$250,000 and gets to feature in a collection of famous luxury fashion retailers “Net-a-porter”.

Next In Fashion

The second season of “Next in Fashion” stands canceled after the release of its first season. The “Queer Eye’s” Tan France hosted the show. In an interview, he confirmed that there is no scope for the second season of “Next in Fashion”.

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France also said that the show seemed to have some future, but it was supposed to be one season show.

He also commented that “Next in Fashion” is one of the few things he is proud of and how he loved the show and his co-host Alexa Chug.

The season along its 10 episodes has featured several notable guest judges from the industry including Elizabeth Steward, Monique Lhuillier, Eva Chen, Prabal Gurung, Kerby Jean Raymond, and Tommy Hilfiger.

South Korean designer, Minju Kim, was the winner of the first season. She claimed the prize of $250,000 and the golden opportunity to get her debut feature with luxury fashion retailer Net a Porter.

The news of the cancellation of “Next in Fashion” came after the cancellation of another show, “Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show”, and causing a lot of black lash for Netflix, this is the second series being canceled by Netflix.

cancellation of, “Astronomy Club: The Sketch” was not taken very well by its audience and a petition at was signed to bring back the show. Hopefully, “Next in Fashion’s” cancellation doesn’t meet the same rage from the audience.