‘Season 1’ of ‘Next in Fashion’ ended upon a Korean womenswear clothier ‘Minju Kim’ being topped because of being the winner of the show. The display had considered one of the maximum exciting takes on the style giving a hard competition to long-running indicates like With Season 1 getting target audience approval, the Big Question on everybody’s mind is when will ‘Next In Fashion Season 2’ be greenlighted.

There has been a whole lot of buzz about whether there will be a next season of Next In Fashion or not. Next In Fashion Co-host Tan France recently stated that he is more than satisfied to go back for the next season of the display. That more or less made Season 2 likely.

Next In Fashion Season 2
Source Variety

Netflix’s Next In Fashion pits collectively 18 contestants who’re acclaimed designers from all throughout the globe.Tan France hosts the show where the winner receives a possibility to retail their design and win whopping $250,000 prize money. Now, Tan France and Alexa Chung are back seeking out a new person to emerge as who may be a household name within the fashion industry.

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The display has a mesmerizing manner of presentation. One receives to see precise designs and radical fashion foresight. Every week designers are judged based on their versatility and ability to collaborate.

The perfect chemistry of Alexa Chung and Tan France leaves us wondering if it’s surely that awesome or not. Next In Fashion is a great pleasure for folks that live for fashion or even for folks that don’t.

When will season 2 arrive?

The chances for Next In Fashion Season to go back in 2020 were high up till the pandemic hit America hardest. The coronavirus lockdown has close down nearly every display for the time being. That has behind schedule plans for filming but as in step with sources, the makers are already out there looking for 18 new contestants.

However, for Netflix to roll out Next In Fashion Season 2 in March 2021 is seems certainly tough as of now. Alexa Chung and Tan France are truly back. Whether Next In Fashion Season 2 adds a brand new co-host remains to be seen. A mid-2022 launch seems a greater suitable mark for the second season of Next In Fashion to air.