Nisekoi Season 3

NaoshiKomi had written and illustrated the manga called Nisekoi: False Love. The manga got so much love that it was also published in English. In the year 2013, the anime adaptation of the manga also got permission. The series was directed by AkiyukiShinbo and NaoyukiTatsuwa. It was first released on 11th January 2014. The second season aired from 2015. The anime is a great romantic comedy and anime fans should really consider watching this. Fans were totally engrossed with the first two seasons and are now bursting with anticipation for season 3.

When will Season 3 be released?

Even though the last episode of season 2 was aired back in 2015, the viewers don’t have any concrete news to share about season 3. But there’s still hope for another season, the show might still get renewed. If proof of popularity is what the creators want, they got it back in 2018. A movie based on Nisekoi was released back then, and it was a huge success in Japan. So there is no loss of adoration for the anime just yet. If anybody had to guess, they would say that we won’t get the new season this year. Maybe it will release in 2021.
Owing to its success, the series has the platforms of Hulu and Crunchyroll at its disposal. English subtitles will help to reach a global audience.

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What is the plot?

The show is centered aroundRakuIchijou, the unwilling heir of a family called Shunei-Gumi. He had made a promise to his childhood friend that he would marry him. Surprisingly, Raku still holds on to that promise and he carries a locket as a reminder of sorts. Due to various circumstances of life, Raku ends up having to pretend to be in a relationship with a girl he hates to keep the peace. This proves to be a constant challenge because he has a crush on his schoolmate Kosaki Onodera. The viewer will be locked in with the chaos the show brings. We get to follow Raku as he tries to figure out his life.