no game no life Season 2

The anime series No Game No Life is based in a manga with the same name. The news of adaptation was announced on 27th July 2013. They made the statement in Monthly Comic Alive. The series made its debut on 9th April 2014. After that, the show was also released on other stations. The show was released in Anime Network for North America. But the first season has been completed ages ago and the fans are impatient for another season.

The show has amazing animation and a good plot and the fans deserve a sequel. Every anime fan should watch this show if they haven’t already seen it. The first season has a total of twelve episodes and it was an immense hit immediately. The series is directed by Atsuko Ishizuka. JukkiHanada has written the show.

What is the story behind the show?

No Game No Life is based on the step siblings named Sora and Shiro. They are known in the gaming community as Blank and are undefeated. After beating Tet, a god, they are offered to live in a word that solely focuses on games. Initially, the siblings accept thinking that the offer is some sort of joke but they turn out to be wrong.

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They are brought to an alternate reality of Disboard. In the second season, the fans expect to see Sora and Shiro engaged in battle again in Disboard. The fans may also check out the light novels, which are the primary source of material for the anime, but most of the viewers would want to wait for another season.

What about the second season?

There is no official announcement about the second season of No Game No Life. Most likely, the second season won’t be coming out this year at least. But still, fans keep their hopes up for the return of No Game No Life. There are ten volumes of the light novel so the dearth of material is not an issue. We can expect the next season in 2021. If we are lucky, the creators won’t disappoint us.