Noblesse Episode 13

Today we will talk about the last episode of Noblesse. Let’s find out what’s going on here. Regis breaks up with Frank and Ray is then surrounded by knights. He thought it would take some time to suddenly kill them, the knights had taken their heads. Takeo, Tao, and M-21 show up, indicating that they have come to help. After killing the knights, they went to Frank and Rai who were worried about why they were here. Regis reveals that the three said they were hiding in the same plane as them.

The crew sat down and discussed their plans for the evening. Regis headed towards the castle. He will save Seri and Gedjutel. The two of them were arrested for meeting a nobleman who sued the current master. When he heard that Heaven and the crew were in the lord’s territory, he sent knights to catch them and bring them before them. He said he wanted Heaven to kneel before him. Learn more about the ending of the episode below.

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Noblesse Episode 13 edition dates and summaries

The final Noblesse episode will be released on Wednesday, December 30, 2020 at 10:00 JST. A new episode of the anime is released every Wednesday. Watch this anime officially on Crunchyroll. If you missed the last episode, try this link Noblesse Episode 12. See below.

Previously in Noblesse Episode 12

M-21 was on his way to the top of the hilltop castle with Regis and he asked Regis if he was sure they were using the right route. Regis replied that if he didn’t know where the castle was, he wouldn’t be called a noble. M-21 said that if they got lost, Regis and Tao would intervene via the wireless communicator. Tao reveals that their mission is to make sure the chieftain and master reach the shelter.

M-21 and Regis act as bait to attract the enemy’s attention so that Rai and Frank can enter. Takeo says he and Tao will be in reserve for a while, Frank and Rai slowly waiting for a signal. On their way, Tao and Regis were blocked by Rael, who rose from the sky and landed on the ground devastated. Meanwhile, Series tries to escape to the castle.
Seri meets Rosaria, who orders her to return to her cell. Seri said she had to save Gedjutel from eternal sleep, and Rosaria said that didn’t happen. Rosaria added that if Series turned around and went to his cell, he would be quiet about his prison. The series told her to step aside in battle mode and Rosaria said to listen to her older sister. Enraged, Rosario sent out a fierce explosion which was blocked.

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Gegutel Execution

Rael knows that nothing but Frank can handle his speed because he knows that before when he beat the M-21 he didn’t stand a chance. But now the M-21 is back with new improvements and new performance. Tao also urged Regis to evolve when Frank gave them T-Medicine, which gave them more power. M-21 started beating Rael and tore his fine clothes to pieces with blood all over his body.