Noragami Season 3

Noragami is a Japanese fantasy adventure anime series. It is just like many other anime series, which is the adaptation of a Japanese manga series. Noragami is the adoption of the Japanese manga Noragami written by Adachitoka. The series premiered on January 5, 2014. The second season of the anime, containing 13 episodes, released on October 2, 2015. The anime gained cult popularity, and later Sakura Soft released the game under the title. The game is available in Japan only on both iOS and Android.

About the show:

The anime, Noragami, is a fantasy adventure anime. The show set at the boundary between the realm of the Earth and that of the other world. In the show, there are around 8 million Gods along with the spirits of those who serve the Gods. These spirits, apart from serving Gods, also settle the human conflicts. Mutsumi is a young high school girl. Her classmates are always looking for a chance of bullying her. One day, she gets frustrated and runs to the bathroom, crying. There she finds a paper with a phone number and saying call the number to solve all the intricacies.

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She calls the number, Yato arrives and solves her dispute. Soon, Tomone, regalia of Yato, leaves him. Yato lowers his level because he wants to build his shrine. To earn money, he takes on the call of a lady to find her cat. Mutsumi, spots Yato running behind the cat. Yato does not pay attention to the bus approaching him. She gets in front of the bus, pushing Yato aside. She gets hit by the bus and gets disconnected from her physical body. After this, she begins to see dead spirits around her. She asks Yato to help her in getting back in her physical body.

Yato calls himself a God, but he never gets acknowledged by anyone, so he does not heed to any prayer.

Season 3 Updates:

Its been a while since the second season released back in 2015. Fans are desperately waiting for the third season.  The creators have not yet released any official statement regarding the third installment of the anime series. Also, looking at the present scenario, where everything has come to a standstill, the chances of the third season look bleak.