Norsemen Season 3

Norsemen was originally a Norwegian comedy series which premiered under the name of Vikingane on NRK1 (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) in 2016. Via film produced the show and Jon IverHelgaker and Jonas Torgersen directed the series. In August 2017, the first season of Norseman became available on Netflix. It was wonderful and well received by the audience. The very first season of Norsemen won an award for the best comedy show. It was also praised by the New York Times which said that Norsemen was one of the best international series that was available in 2017. According to the Guardian, the show was a clever mixture of Game of Thrones and Monty Python.

When will viewers get to see Season 3?

This underrated yet brilliant series will premiere on Netflix on the 22nd of July 2020. Season 2 was released almost two years ago and the fans are finally getting the next season this year. As per reports, Season 3 will have six episodes. The next season is named Season 0 as it will be a sort of a prequel but the creators have assured us that the story won’t stray too far from the plot. Get ready for a brilliant comedic experience!

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What is the show about?

The show is centered around the story of Vikings in the town called Norheim. The series explores 790s Norway and as the show goes on, various characters take the position of being in the position of a lead. It will make viewers laugh to see Vikings deal with their everyday life and ensuing conflicts. Among the important characters is Jarl Varg, a cruel leader of the rival tribe and Rufus, a Roman slave trying to modernize the culture. The next season will have the story that led up to the first season.

The Cast

Such a brilliant show will obviously have a very talented cast. Since the next season will be based on events occurring before season 1, we are not sure about who will be returning. The team might welcome some new additions. The cast might have
• HenrikMestad as Chieftain Olav
• Marian SaastadOttesen as Hildur
• Nils JørgenKaalstad as Arvid
• KåreConradi as Orm
• ØysteinMartinsen as Kark
• TrondFausaAurvåg as Rufus.