Norsemen Season 3

Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen have created a comedy series called “Norsemen”, which is, unsurprisingly, about a group of Vikings. They have written as well aa served as directors of the series.  It was premiered first in Norway and its name was “Vikingane”. It had aired on NRK1 on 16th October. It has been converted into English and Netflix has premiered the first season in August 2017. It was followed by season two in October 2018. Interestingly, season 3 was called Season 0 as it was a sort of a prequel to the series. The third season is concerned with the story that occurred before season 1 events. The Norsemen is very popular and it even won an award for the best comedy show in 2017.

What about the next season?

Season 4 has a definite possibility of happening. After seeing season 3, the fans were left laughing. The show centers around the Vikings in Norheim. It ks set in the year 790. The show is such a success, that the audience is eager to know about its return.

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Every season has eight episodes. The show is critically acclaimed and the New York Times has called one of the best series of 2017. Unfortunately, there is no official date of release but fans may get the good news soon.

Is there a trailer for season 4 of Norsemen?

Netflix has made no official announcement of renewal so there is no release date for the fourth season. If one looks back at the release dates for the first three seasons,  it will be hard to figure out a pattern. Therefore,  no one can guess when season 4 might release either. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the wait might extend to next year or even the year after that. As expected, no trailer is available right now.

What will happen in the fourth installment?

Plotlines for the fourth season haven’t been revealed. There will be a long wait before the department releases some information about the story. The third season was about Jarl Varg and his life before he became a cruel ruler. It also featured the beginning of Orm and Frøya’s unsuccessful marriage.